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Log Pillow
Be the envy of the campsite with your ultra comfortable micro bead head cushion. Shaped and printed to look like a real log, this soft pillow will let you doze off by the campfire. Cool camping gear for your head! Makes a truly wonderful kids camping gear gift!
Hot Dog Roaster Fishing Rod
Reel your way to hot dog cooking perfection. A great camping gift for the fisherman who likes to sit back and slowly rotate their marshmallow into a golden brown masterpiece. Complete with telescoping rod so that you don't get too toasty from the campfire. Camping gadget fun!
Russian Roulette Balloon Gun
Now this is a party game while camping! Cock the hammer and pull the trigger. You have a 1 in 6 chance of blasting the balloon to smithereens, yet somehow the implications are so much more gut wrenching. Match this with a drinking game and it's all downhill!
Sephora Makeup Case
If you want to get her a really special make-up case, THIS IS IT! Not only is high-quality and luxurious, but it's gleaming, metallic pink and she'll fall in love with it. This case will hold her entire make-up collection!
Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System
This magical gem is a must-have in every teen's skincare routine. The Clarisonic is the gold standard in skin cleansing systems and imposters just won't do. Give her the best gift of clear, glowing skin.
Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelet
Simple, pretty and fun, this bracelet is casual enough she can wear it every day, yet pretty enough to wear for dressing up. This is a perfect choice if you are unsure of her style as it can be worn by girls of many different types.
Aero Grow Herb Garden
This indoor herb garden kit is EASY and foolproof! It beeps and a light goes on when it gets thirsty. An amazing variety of herbs like basil, thyme, and chives. A Perfect Gift for the garden and cooking lover. While you're at it order one for yourself. Happy Growing!
Pink Garden Gift Set
This pink garden gift set is perfect to carry around all of your gardening tools, including the 4 super cute pink tools that are included. Super durable and truly great quality, plus the pink color is perfect! A portion of all sales goes to the fight against breast cancer.
Mini Greenhouse
This 4-tier mini greenhouse is perfect for deck or patio! You'll find this greenhouse so amazing that you'll likely get a second one! Make the most of your growing space and protect your plants in the winter. Makes an impressive gift for the price!
Titanium Steampunk Goggles
Officially named The Titanium Photochromatic Variable-Aperture Spectacles, these one-of-a-kind goggles feature iris diopters that can dilate to actually increase sharpness of vision at long distances. 48 brass bolts connect the tanned leather to the metal. Wow!
Hi-Voltage Steampunk Ring
Generate some hi-voltage energy with this pewter ring from Alchemy of England. As you twist the ring over your magnetic finger, electricity is induced in the copper coils which can then power your iPod (in theory).
Consolidator Steampunk Disruptor
Colonel James Fizziwig has done it again with his consolidator disruptor steampunk gun. Don't mess with Colonel James Fizziwig! He has a whole bunch of these awesome guns and you apparently have none. You should remedy this situation!